Compliant Systems without UKAS

Only through years of experience and building the positive reputation we have in the UK; that we can offer compliant Management Systems that you don't have to get UKAS Certification Approval

You don't have to payout the extra £1000's to get what you want!

Over the years we have seen many ways of saving our customers money.  Apart from consolidating systems into an IMS (Integrated Management System) to save money, we came up with another! So, all of our Management Systems have been approved and certified time and time again by various UKAS Approved Certification Bodies across the UK.

Through popular demand from our own clients, we have now created our own Approval and we GUARANTEE that the system we implement for you will be compliant and will pass certification as long as you follow our exact advice and conditions. You can also have a go at implementing your own Management System and save even more money on consultancy fees. Find out more here


The Gold Pengelly Young Badge of Approval is for customers that have succesfully completed implementation of one of our Management Systems and succesfully gained UKAS CB Accreditation




The Silver Pengelly Young Badge of Approval is for customers that have chosen one of our compliant Management Systems, but do not want to go down the UKAS Approval route saving themselves £1000's of pounds



You can save a minimum of £1500 by using our Approval Badge (which is not UKAS approved) to let customers and consumers that you have a compliant Management System in place.  We offer this to all of customers once we have successfully completed our implementation, completed your Internal Audit, Management Review and of course closed out any Corrective Action.  Please note that the Approval Guarantee is subject to the company maintaining compliance to the relevant standard. You can also save a further £1000 by purchasing one of our Templated Systems here

If you are interested in gaining approval and benefitting from a compliant Management System then please get in touch here

We offer this Approval for ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO27001:2013 and OHSAS18001:2007