OHSAS 18001/ISO45001

Don't take the Risk! Do it right the first time, you don't get a second chance with H&S! Be ready for the change - OHSAS18001 to ISO45001 October 2016

Occupational Health & Safety Consultancy

What are the anticipated benefits of ISO/DIS 45001?

ISO/DIS 45001 brings occupational health and safety management and continual improvement into the heart of an organization. This new standard is an opportunity for organizations to align their strategic direction with their OH&S management system. In addition, there is an increased focus on improving occupational health and safety performance.  18001/45001 can also integrate with many other ISO standards saving you time and money. These systems are commonly called Integrated Management Systems. You can integrate pretty much any number of systems. Click here for more information on IMS

Our customers tell us they get multiple benefits as a result of implementing and adopting occupational health and safety management systems, such as:

  1. Reduce work related injuries, ill health and death
  2. Eliminate or minimize OH&S risks
  3. Improve OH&S performance and effectiveness
  4. Demonstrate corporate responsibility and meet supply chain requirements
  5. Protect brand reputation
  6. Motivate and engage staff through consultation and participation
  7. Health & Safety and Your Business

Achieving OHSAS 18001/45001 makes a positive statement to both existing and to prospective customers about your commitment to reduction of accidents and that you have created a safe working environment and a safety culture within your company.
At the end of the day your customers do not want to engage others that might be prone to accident and injuries at their premises or sites. The result of such can be costly both in direct costs of lost time, court cases and fines but equally have a detrimental effect on the future of your business.

It is said that “any publicity is good publicity” but this is never the case with health and safety. The ongoing effect can put you out of business or in worst case scenario, you could end up in prison with a criminal conviction. Ongoing changes in legislation can now see Directors and Management of a company receiving heavy fines and in serious cases, prison for neglect of H&S within a business.

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