Design, Build & Certify

One Stop Solution for BS5979 & BS EN 50518

"One Stop Solution" for BS5979 & BS EN 50518

ARC/Control Room Design & Build together with operational processes, documentation and accreditation

Whilst working on a BS5979 transition to EN50518 project together; Pengelly Young & Intech Solutions recognised a synergy between their businesses, forming this unique partnership.  Whilst we specialise in the implementation of processes and documentation to help ARC's/RVRC"s to achieve accreditation, we have not always been able to guide through the design stages to ensure compliance is met from the first CAD drawing.  Intech Solutions specialises in designing and building control rooms, reception areas, ARC's/RVRC's to BS5979 & EN50518, but has never got involved in the accreditation aspect.  Bringing our businesses together does more than just give customers peace of mind; it allows us to manage their new build, refurbishment or 50518 transition from the outset concentrating on all aspects of the compliance by ensuring certification is met from the build and operational processes

Stage 1 - CAD Design & 3D Imagery WHILST APPLYING FOR CERTIFICATION to the certification body

Stage 2 - Building starts, Operational Procedures & Quality Management Systems written 





Stage 3 - Building Completion, Operational Procedures and required Management Systems in place ready for (SSAIB or NSI)










If you are planning on building or refurbishing an ARC/RVRC to BS5979 or EN 50518, a Guarding Control to BS7499 or CCTV Centre to BS7958; call us now to get the complete guidance and support 03330 433 533