Coronavirus / Covid 19 Compliance

With the continuing uncertainty of Covid 19, businesses across the UK are adopting processes to protect their staff and customers. You can now purchase our "off the shelf" Covid Protection pack for just £250

Supporting clients and friends with businesses throughout the "Covid 19 Lockdown" we were asked to develop a basic affordable Covid Protection Pack to help you becoming Covid 19 Compliant

Like many commerical and personal risks, Covid 19 is no exception to assessing what you need to do to protect you, your business and your customers.  Working for various industries but mainly security and leisure/hospitality; we have devised a quick and simple process for you to implement for Covid 19.

This protection pack consists of:

  • A Covid 19 Business Risk Assessment - highlight potential risks, create processes and action to reduce risks. Links to reference sites
  • An Individual Risk Assessment - highlight any potential High Risk Employees using a scoring systems allowing you to take measures to help your team
  • Social Distancing Training - communicate Toolbox Talks on Social Distancing and "What is the Coronavirus"
  • Print off your own signs for Social Distancing and Sanitizing Areas 

All of this for just £250 + VAT

With the above implemented and making sure you have checked through the HSE Checklist, you will be able to proudly use the Governments Self Certified Covid Compliant Certificate which can be found in their "Working Safely with Covid 19" which can be found here

To purchase your copy of our Covid Protection Pack click here