BS7984 Key Holding & Response

This BS7984 gives recommendations for the management, staffing and operation of security organisations providing keyholding and response services on a contracted basis

BS 7984 is the British standard of Keyholing and Responses. The growth in demand for keyholder security services is driven by the need to monitor staff and employee hours at work or on call do not exceed the legislative limits under the Working Time Directive.

Keyholding services continue to be a growth area for businesses to due to:

•Withdrawl of police response which is expected to continue

•Working time directive on staff and employees who act as keyholders for their employers

•Duty of Care of employers to their staff

•Insurance requirements

•Keyholding combined with mobile patrols and access and CCTV remote monitoring as an alternative to 24/7 guarding

•Increasing number of VIP and High net worth individuals within residential premises

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